Psychotherapy and Coaching in English

All services of Praxis Motisi are available in English.

Since 1.01.2018 clients with standard national health insurance as well as privately insured and privately paying clients up to 21 years of age at the start of the psychotherapy may be admitted for treatment at Private Practice Motisi. The age limit of 21 may certainly be exceeded after the start of the psychotherapy.

You feel it is time for clarity and for a change in your life?

My passion is to support you on your journey with evidence based tools of behavioral psychotherapy and coaching.

Behavioural Psychotherapy, Systemic Familytherapy, Couples Therapy


Psychotherapy means literally "Treatment of the soul". Reasons for starting a psychotherapy include private, school related or job related difficulties. Common problems include depression, anxiety, phobia, mobbing, addiction, coping with separation, coping with loss, trauma, problems in the social field, aggressive behavior and many more. As with physical wounds, one should not shy away from treating wounds of the mind and wounds the soul.


Floriano S. Motisi
Active in coaching since 2005 and in psychotherapy since 2012.
Even though I have been based in Zurich since 2008, I started my education as a psychotherapist out of passion for the profession in 2010 at the oldest and renowned German center for studies of behavioural psychotherapy, the SZVT in Stuttgart. The focus of my studies was evidence-based beavioural therapy, though one of the most important reasons for starting my education at the SZVT was the inclusion of other psychotherapy methods such as schematic therapy and systemic family therapy.
I have been working as a psychotherapist in training since March 2012, first in the clinic Landesklinikum Nordschwarzwald, Calw-Hirsau, Germany. At the same time I started my training and work also in the psychotherapeutic practice of Praxis Dr. med. Dipl.-Psych. M. Dietrich in Weil der Stadt, Germany. From 2013 onward, the near-completion of my theoretic studies allowed me to work as a psychotherapist close to Zurich and I continued my psychotherapeutic training and work in the practice of Dr. E. Unterweger in Konstanz, Germany.

My psychotherapeutic training was complete after the state examination and licensure as a chartered psychotherapist for children and youths (including their families) in October 2016.

Academic qualifications

2010 2016


2015 – 2017

SZVT Stuttgart, Germany

Approbation (licensure) as a behavioral psychotherapist for children and youths

Zurich University of Teacher Education

Postgraduate training as a teacher at professional school for teaching General Education ("Allgemeinbildender Unterricht") bilingual English / German.


2007 2008

University for Applied Sciences München, Germany

MBA International Business Administration


1996 2001

Philipps University Marburg, Germany

Dipl. Pädagoge / MSc Educational Science & Psychology



Practice Motisi offers all services in German and English. Our current services include psychotherapeutic treatment and coaching in person, online or via telephone as well as anonymous psyhotherapy or coaching.


The first psychotherapeutic practice has been opened in Konstanz, Germany, on 7th April 2017. A second practice will open in Zurich and is planned for 2018.                                    


IMPORTANT NOTE for Swiss clients

Konstanz, Germany: All services are available in Konstanz.

Zurich, Switzerland: Coaching and counseling are already available. Psychotherapy not yet, due to different legislation.


National Health Service clients and privately paying clients with a psychiatric diagnosis may be treated for that psychiatric diagnosis only in Germany.


If you would like to use your health insurance cover, Praxis Motisi can offer their services to you in Germany.


Due to different laws in Switzerland and Germany, currently only privately paying clients may be worked with in Switzerland. Also, clients with a psychiatric diagnosis may not be treated for that diagnosis by Floriano Motisi in Switzerland, only in Germany. All other services are still available in Zurich, also to clients with a psychiatric diagnosis.

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